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 The Heart Breakers Mission Statement

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PostSubject: The Heart Breakers Mission Statement   Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Mission Statement:

The main goal of this clan is NOT to be super competitive or the best clan in Titania (though, if we happen to be, so be it XD) but rather to have a damn good time playing this game that we all love. Our only objective is to have fun.

If you are looking for a super serious clan determined to be the best and sacrificing everything to work hard to dominate everyone in their path,... i suggest looking elsewhere.

* NO required practices (*exception being if we have a special event coming up)

* NO required match participation ( what this means is: make the matches you wish to, and if you can't make many, don't feel bad. Our focus is more on the day to day play, hanging out and having fun together, not the matches)

* NO required uniform (though if you wish to look alike you are more than welcome to)

Sound good?


*additions to THB will be done on a voting basis. A nominee must be voted in by a majority vote from the entire clan. This clan will belong to all of us so we all have a say in what we do and how we develop.

- a good attitude
- fun spirit encouraged
- good sportsmanship
- must be able to take a joke, considering the majority of us are rarely serious....

- bad sportsmanship (this is a GAME, it is meant to be fun. We don't want anyone who takes this game so seriously that they feel the need to belittle others or suck the fun out of the game)
- over excessive drama queens ( i don't have the energy to waste on these people as I'm sure no one else does.)
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The Heart Breakers Mission Statement
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