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 Home at last!

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PostSubject: Home at last!   Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:16 pm

YAY, I get to write ANOTHER ONE!! >>

Ok, I'll write a new one, instead of copying and pasting as per usual.

Hmm. What to say...

*puts on name badge*
Hello, my name is TragicAngel.

I'm the creator of this crazy lil clan. Inspiration? An inside joke involving some of the members of the No.2's. I'll get to that in a minute.

I've been playing Fatty P since about October-ish of 2009. I played for a couple of weeks online, and then one day, while perusing the Playstation Fat P forums, I saw a few clans posting around and a new one cropping up. I decided to join up so that I could meet some people in the game. Welcome to the Undead. I had an instant click with Jasmine and loved everyone in the group, meeting her, Ricky, TMoney, Aber, CitizenZane, RobotVampire not to mention quite a few others, made the game a whole lot more fun. But, the clan went from about 15 to 30 overnight it seems, and got far too big for my comfort level. I've always enjoyed the smaller, family type atmosphere, so I started considering leaving.

During that time I started noticing that I really wasn't playing with many of my clan members. I had met DSerna, BabyC and Elyz33uhm and spent about 90% of my time playing with them. It just felt like a better fit for me. So when BabyC asked me to join the 2's and talking with a few others, I made the jump and found my family.

I loved everything about the 2's. I was the Defense Team Lead. We all clicked well, worked well together, and had so much fun playing together. But the game got stressful, I got extremely burnt out, and finally, i just needed a long break. So I stepped out. Never lost the love for the 2's though.

I was clanless for a couple of months, and it helped alot, it got me back into the game and finally enjoying it again. I was asked by most of the clans around Titania to join, but I just couldn't get my 2's out of my lil gaming heart. The 2's ended up folding. I joked around with DSerna and Smack one day about starting our own clan, and then there was the joke about The HeartBreakers with some of us, and I decided why not? Now we've got some of the core members of the 2's reunited AND some awesome new additions. I'm excited about everyone that's here, I'm glad to have my old family and excited to meet some of the new ones!! Welcome to The HeartBreakers guys!!!


I live in the middle of no where, aka, Oklahoma. I work full time. I'm an artist on the side in many genres, I do everything from photography, writing, digital painting, photomanips, music (guitar, piano, sing) etc. There's not much I haven't dabbled in. I'm extremely openminded and love learning and experiencing new things. I'm very laid back and easy going. I love to laugh and joke around alot. I'm looking into taking some classes in the future to go back to school for photography so that I can become a professional. I've done quite a bit of work, but it would be nice to get paid better for it lol. Um. anything else you want to know? Just ask.

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PostSubject: Re: Home at last!   Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:00 am

Woot >=3 tragic lady meow, it's a pleasure to be in the company of many of this game's solid veterans Wink.

Feed le dragon =3
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Home at last!
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