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 The PS3 Gaming Gauntlet

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PostSubject: The PS3 Gaming Gauntlet   Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:47 pm

What it is:
The Gaming Gauntlet is a challenge that started a couple of years ago. It's a set of predetermined goals to achieve by the year's end. Examples being, completing so many games, earning so many trophies, so many platinums, etc. (Examples to follow below).

Why we do it:
I personally do it because it pushes me to try other games and expand my gaming experience. Alot of the games that I enjoy now I probably never would have tried if it hadn't of been for the Gauntlet because I HAD to get out there and try stuff. It isn't so much about the trophies (though that is a large part of it, but more so having to get the trophies means i HAVE to play the game more). I personally don't play games just because they have easy trophies, I play it because I have a genuine interest in the game (if it happens to have easy trophies, not my fault! lol). Every year I normally up my goals to make it more challenging.


Here's my goals from last year 2010:
Platinum/100% 2 Games
Beat 3 Games
Play 25 Games
Get Trophy Count to 400 (which meant I had to earn 200 trophies this year)

My results so far (with a month and a half left to go):
Platinum/100% 2 Games
n/a yet

Beat 3 Games
1. God of War 3
2. Mushroom Wars
3. Castle Crashers

Play 25 Games
1. Darksiders
2. Assassins Creed 2
3. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
4. flOw
5. Flower
6. Battlefield Bad Company 2
7. Heavy Rain
8. God of War 3
9. Modern Warfare 2
10. Modnation Racers
11. Castle Crashers
12. Mushroom Wars
13. Diner Dash
14. Zen Pinball
15. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
16. SAW
17. Pixeljunk Monsters
18. LEGO Rock Band
19. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
20. Costume Quest
21. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Get Trophy Count to 400


GCSobaer did it with me last year as well, here were his goals:

Platinum 2 Games (he only counts actual platinums, not psn games where the best you can get is 100%)
1. SAW (April 2010)

Beat 10 Games
1. Fallout 3 (January)
2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (Febuary)
3. Aliens vs. Predator (Febuary)
4. Rogue Warrior (Febuary)
5. Heavy Rain (Febuary)
6. God of War 3 (April)
7. Final Fantasy XIII (April)
8. SAW (April)
9. Iron Man 2 (July)
10. Mushroom Wars (September)
11. Castle Crashers (September)

He doesn't do the "play xxx games"

Get Trophy Count to 1,500 (which meant he had to earn 900 trophies this year)

I'd like to get more people on board doing this, it's alot of fun, and it helps when we are supporting/challenging each other. We are setting up a facebook page. If anyone wants in on this, then let me know! We might also be doing some challenges throughout the year and some competitions. I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again!
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PostSubject: Re: The PS3 Gaming Gauntlet   Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:15 pm

yeah, i need to braden my gaming experence as well, the only games ive been actually playing is FP and COD..
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The PS3 Gaming Gauntlet
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